Admission Procedures

Our classes are opened to anyone who would like an in-depth study of the Word of God. For those desiring a deeper relationship with Christ and understanding of the scriptures, our Biblical studies program is designed for you.



MCBA's mandate is to "prepare men and women to be used by the Holy Spirit to live productive lives, to build God's church, and to minister as godly servant-leaders..."

The Academy encourages all students to demonstrate the following:

    For Biblical Studies program only: The applicant must possess an educational background that enables him or her to successfully perform at the college level.

    A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required for admission into the Biblical Studies program.

    The applicant must exemplify a Christian lifestyle committed to fulfilling God's Word. There are many demands placed on those who minister. Thus, a pattern of righteous living is essential.


The Academy requires that each student maintain a high standard of personal conduct based on Christian principles and ideals. The practices adopted by the Academy are to be respected during the time a person is attending MCBA. All students should understand that the rules governing student character and conduct are consistent with the Bible.

While the Academy recognizes the need for individuality, we also realize that as Christian men and women, we are called to conform to the Christ-life. The requirements for a disciplined and temperate life style are essential for the ministry and for those involved in ministerial training.

The intent related to our standard of conduct is based upon the belief that the only truly productive life is the disciplined one.